love hate love (coruscate) wrote in smart_users,
love hate love


hello i'm new here. a recreational drug user, mainly mdma, marijuana...a social smoker and drinker.

well i'm planning to try ice tomorrow (free base amphetamine)
well i've always been curious and have heard several good, and bad, comments about it.
but what's driving me to do it is the loss of excess body water...

i have exams on wednesday, a friend's prom on monday.
do you reckon i can lose excess body water after one time of smoking it?
and as a first time ice-user, how likely will the outcome be drastic? i don't want to be sleep deprived on monday, or not be able to do my exams on wednesday.
but i really want to lose excess body water by monday.
any help will be great, please do share any experiences
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