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ICE [17 Jun 2005|09:40pm]

hello i'm new here. a recreational drug user, mainly mdma, marijuana...a social smoker and drinker.

well i'm planning to try ice tomorrow (free base amphetamine)
well i've always been curious and have heard several good, and bad, comments about it.
but what's driving me to do it is the loss of excess body water...

i have exams on wednesday, a friend's prom on monday.
do you reckon i can lose excess body water after one time of smoking it?
and as a first time ice-user, how likely will the outcome be drastic? i don't want to be sleep deprived on monday, or not be able to do my exams on wednesday.
but i really want to lose excess body water by monday.
any help will be great, please do share any experiences
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Hi, I'm new [02 Jun 2005|08:38pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Any advantages over snorting codeine over orally taking it?

Thank you.

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[07 May 2005|12:33am]

From my journal.. kind of long, but I think it captures the whole idea of intelligent drug use..

What a conceptCollapse )
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[27 Mar 2005|12:14pm]

I just started using coke a few weeks ago and was wondering if it messed up menstrual cycles...I started using it before my period this month and now it seems to be a few weeks late yet i havent had sex in a few monthes...
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Perhaps Pertinent [01 Mar 2005|12:36pm]

I spend a lot of time trying to be classy; anything worth doing, ought to be done well. Last weekend, I was invited to a costume party, the theme of which was to dress as the mixed drink which you bring to said event. I was quite delighted, and constructed a moderately impressive green faerie outfit. I had saved a bottle of absinthe for such an occasion. The party was quite fine, thank you --except for the six or seven people who blasphemed along "Oh, like in that movie Eurotrip" lines.

I'm pretty sure those people aren't smart. I'm pretty sure the Eurotrip people raped my beautiful absinthe mystique and replaced it with some sort of stupid semi-comedic incestuous nonsense. I'm pretty sure I had the best costume there. I'm not sure whether I was being overly petty, or not. What do you think?
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[28 Feb 2005|07:01pm]

hello everyone,
i was never much into drugs until i saw the movie Spun and have decided to do some research on amphetamines. i'm an overlystressed high school senior that has trouble going to sleep at reasonable hours and was wondering if speed is good for someone that just wants to be woken up in the mornings. also, is there anyone from New York that would be able to tell me for about how much speed costs? i'm not looking to buy from anyone, i just want to do some research. thanks for the help.
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[08 Nov 2004|08:27pm]

something i thought i'd like to share and get opinions on... the plan: five pills, five friends and an endless night.Collapse )
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Promotion [04 Nov 2004|10:12pm]

Are you an intelligent drug user? Are you glorious?

Join glorious_habits
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Curiousity [06 Oct 2004|08:48pm]

All right, let's talk about smart users.

What makes you a smart user? Is it not getting caught doing anything illegal? Is it having some sort of goal in mind when you embark on your psychedelic soiree? Is it dressing stylishly and making the people on the psychonaut lj group look dumb (ie not very challenging)? Is it using punctuation and capitalizing letters? Is it knowing about the Merry Pranksters or other chemical-related historical matters? Is it using words like "entheogen" or "set & setting?" Is it about not using crack?

Talk to me, people.
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[03 Oct 2004|12:01pm]

hello, moderator plumtree here. as this isn't really an active community, and i've been without steady internet access for about three months, i've sort of been shoving aside moderating. for the most part, the entries are what they should be - and it gives me hope that there are people in this world who use drugs and don't have to type in goddamned internet shorthand.. however, i just deleted two posts from several months ago that were completely inappropriate. and cybapryncess, you need to learn some english. i'm really close to banning you. also, this is not a place to look for hookups in your vicinity. chances are you won't find any by posting here anyway, and this community may get shut down. talking about illicit business is far less dangerous than attempting to conduct illicit business.
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[23 Jul 2004|03:56pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey.. I've been a member of this community for some time now, but I don't post that often (if ever, I can't recall). Anyway, I've been on coke for a year or two now, I started out doing it only on occasion, but after a few months, I was doing it every weekend, then every few days, then it got to the point where I felt I "needed" it a few times each day. I'm sure almost everyone here has experiencd that at some point. Well, things are under control for the most part now, I think I'm a little jaded by it all. Coke is by far the greatest substance I've ever had the pleasure of being affected by (although my repertoire isn't really that extensive), but now I miss the way I felt the first few times I did it..

So, I think I'm looking for something new. I've never tried meth, and I'd like to, but I don't want something terribly addictive (I'm a working college student, and my education is my first priority). And I'm also curious about the substances on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, like heroin. I'd appreciate any advice that someone might offer who has experience with either of those drugs.. I'm just trying to recapture the "romance" I once thought I had with coke.

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new [10 May 2004|10:32am]

[ mood | bored ]

hello. I just joined. I joined because I'm very interested in the different effect different drugs have on people. I'm very adament about researching a drug very well before I decided to use it or not. I really can't stand people who just take stuff to get "fucked up", and miss out an enlightening expereince. Especially when it comes to shrooms. Anyway, i'm also interested to learn new things, because I don't claim to know that much any way.. so ya hello!

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[29 Apr 2004|06:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Just introducing myself - I'm new.

I'm a west-coaster, female, in college, I work a regular job, study, cook, clean, and do all that other regular every day bullshit.

And I do drugs. Specifically, I'm a big fan of caffiene and speed, but I've also been known to partake of acid, mushrooms, and alcohol. I smoke clove cigarettes and hang out in coffee shops. I'm strange because I can't smoke pot - I'm allergic. I'm also allergic to juniper, so I can't drink gin.

So, I suppose that makes me a drug user - but I'm smart about it, and that's why I'm here.

I like to study drug/addiction psychology and philosophy, as well as the "drug culture" and surrounding linguistic/psychological phenomenon. In other words, I like learning about the culture/language surrounding the substances I like to use and abuse. I'm also into the chemical/biological aspect, and I won't try anything I haven't researched. Stodgy? Maybe. Non-spontaneous? Probably. But at least I know what risks there are and what exactly those substances are going to DO to me, right?

Anyway, other than all that, I enjoy music, art, and all sorts of different things like that. I live with a really awesome boy who totally rocks my world, and I really, really like my privacy.

I don't give out my name, location, or anything like that, to protect my identity, so please don't ask.

I also own and moderate drugs101, which is kind of a "intro to drugs/newbies welcome/ask anything/no stupid questions" type of community.

Nice to meet y'all. :)

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Hey!! [23 Apr 2004|12:17am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

drugusers and meth_heads have been suspended. What the fuck? Anyone have a clue why they did that?

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[21 Apr 2004|05:53pm]

2ci = the new lsd

keep your eyes and ears open for it. i am a strict pot/lsd/mushrooms person and i never thought i would stray that path, but it feels just like lsd and there's no crash - not emotionally or physicallly or spiritually. i ate it all weekend and felt fine at work on monday. alcohol would have affected my mood more! it's not speedy at all, like ecstacy can be. i don't understand why it's not the new big thing yet. from what i understand, it's already very popular in europe. any truth to this?

(crossposted a few places...)
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URGENT DILEMMA-PLEASE HELP! [01 Apr 2004|10:05pm]

anyone know the answer for or have any ideas about the following dilemma?:
i have a 3-4 bag a day heroin habit.
if i manage to trick my mother into beleiving i am clean, i get my rent paid.
the only way to do this is to go to my rehab tomorrow and take a Revia pill in front of the doctor. Revia is an opiate blocker which, if taken within 72 hours of doing dope or if taken by someone with a dope habit, causes immediate accelerated withdrawl, eg all the pain of kicking compressed into a 12-ish hour period. unimaginable agony and potential stroke. not cute.
so heres my question-how can i take the pill and not have it work?
*cheeking it is not an option because a)i SUCK at cheeking even after hours of practice and b)i suspect they will be checking my mouth.
i was thinking about ipecac syrup-stuff you take if you accidentally ingest poison that makes you vomit. any thoughts on this or other ideas?
please please please please this is quite urgent!
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high [12 Jan 1970|08:48pm]

[ mood | high ]

new here, my name is Jessica and I LOVE to get high

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[06 Jan 2004|08:49pm]
yo. i found a bottle of codeine (30 mg). i've never snorted anything before.. but anyone kno anything about blowing codeine? good times?

lemme kno

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Newbie [26 Dec 2003|11:58pm]
Hello--My name is Maureen.

I've only been using chemicals as a means of sustaining sanity and fueling myself to explanations of the giant "WHYS?" for half a decade.

At the moment my drug of choice is heroin. I'm pleased to say my addiction is dying down however, though once I loved it, once I adored it and treated it like a person. It was strange to find myself attached to something so fleeting, something barely even material.
Before that it was meth. The drug of the time was my obsession, I found out everything about it that I could. Every side effect, the chemistry, the compounds, how to make them, where they were, some of the history.

Meth nearly drove me insane. I thought it would save me but it just kind of pushed me a little farther. Hey, at least it helped me pass second semester Bio. I loved it too, but it was love-hate. It created something within me that was love-hate.

I have a personal relationship with drugs. I just have to remember to always be me, and not be the drug.
I knew a junkie, and he looked like death.
September I looked in the mirror, I looked like death.
I look a lot better now.

Drugs are okay, if you know how to handle them. That's my thoughts on them...to be honest, I'm a tad bit high right now, I'm soon to be working on another story probably, though it might never leave my head, who knows...

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant, sorry if it's not eloquent enough...I really must elaborate one day. I'm becoming a horrible linguist, I used to be so much better at explaining things...today, I just don't understand how my mind works..
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[22 Dec 2003|05:23pm]

newbie. not only to the community, but to all this...
so apparently, thanks to google.com, i have discovered:
Oxycodone is abused for its opiate-like effects. In addition to its equipotency to morphine in analgesic effects, it is also equipotent to morphine in relieving abstinence symptoms from chronic opiate (heroin, morphine) administration. Many dose forms are available. Oxycodone’s behavioral effects can last up to 5 hours. The sustained-release formula has a longer duration of action (8-12 hours). The drug is most often administered orally.

sounds good to me.
any suggestions on how to take or have any of you used this before and how was?
thanks for any feedback. much appreciated.
please please many details, i wana have fun with this, but do it safely. i have heard many reports of sudden death from this stuff.
the bottle i have says 5-325 mgs.
have i struck gold?
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