`piercing—stigmata¹ (stigmata_) wrote in smart_users,

newbie. not only to the community, but to all this...
so apparently, thanks to google.com, i have discovered:
Oxycodone is abused for its opiate-like effects. In addition to its equipotency to morphine in analgesic effects, it is also equipotent to morphine in relieving abstinence symptoms from chronic opiate (heroin, morphine) administration. Many dose forms are available. Oxycodone’s behavioral effects can last up to 5 hours. The sustained-release formula has a longer duration of action (8-12 hours). The drug is most often administered orally.

sounds good to me.
any suggestions on how to take or have any of you used this before and how was?
thanks for any feedback. much appreciated.
please please many details, i wana have fun with this, but do it safely. i have heard many reports of sudden death from this stuff.
the bottle i have says 5-325 mgs.
have i struck gold?
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