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Hello--My name is Maureen.

I've only been using chemicals as a means of sustaining sanity and fueling myself to explanations of the giant "WHYS?" for half a decade.

At the moment my drug of choice is heroin. I'm pleased to say my addiction is dying down however, though once I loved it, once I adored it and treated it like a person. It was strange to find myself attached to something so fleeting, something barely even material.
Before that it was meth. The drug of the time was my obsession, I found out everything about it that I could. Every side effect, the chemistry, the compounds, how to make them, where they were, some of the history.

Meth nearly drove me insane. I thought it would save me but it just kind of pushed me a little farther. Hey, at least it helped me pass second semester Bio. I loved it too, but it was love-hate. It created something within me that was love-hate.

I have a personal relationship with drugs. I just have to remember to always be me, and not be the drug.
I knew a junkie, and he looked like death.
September I looked in the mirror, I looked like death.
I look a lot better now.

Drugs are okay, if you know how to handle them. That's my thoughts on them...to be honest, I'm a tad bit high right now, I'm soon to be working on another story probably, though it might never leave my head, who knows...

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant, sorry if it's not eloquent enough...I really must elaborate one day. I'm becoming a horrible linguist, I used to be so much better at explaining things...today, I just don't understand how my mind works..
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