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Hey.. I've been a member of this community for some time now, but I don't post that often (if ever, I can't recall). Anyway, I've been on coke for a year or two now, I started out doing it only on occasion, but after a few months, I was doing it every weekend, then every few days, then it got to the point where I felt I "needed" it a few times each day. I'm sure almost everyone here has experiencd that at some point. Well, things are under control for the most part now, I think I'm a little jaded by it all. Coke is by far the greatest substance I've ever had the pleasure of being affected by (although my repertoire isn't really that extensive), but now I miss the way I felt the first few times I did it..

So, I think I'm looking for something new. I've never tried meth, and I'd like to, but I don't want something terribly addictive (I'm a working college student, and my education is my first priority). And I'm also curious about the substances on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, like heroin. I'd appreciate any advice that someone might offer who has experience with either of those drugs.. I'm just trying to recapture the "romance" I once thought I had with coke.
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