Grace (sleepofangels) wrote in smart_users,


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Oh, cool. That looks like a fuckin' awesome community. I'm a little nervous about the application, though. How hard is it to get in? What sort of stuff are you really picky about?

I'd love to just hang out and watch for a while before I jump in, but it seems like that's a bit of a no-no. So speaking objectively, how good are this metalhead werejunkie's chances of making it in? I went and read some other applications and I noticed you're really, really picky about stuff like literature and music it seems. That doesn't bother me in and of itself, but how worried should I be that my tastes don't seem to coincide well with yours? It doesn't bother me at all, but how much would it bother you?

Just asking, really. I'm probably going to apply anyway because it looks like exactly the kind of place I want to be, but at the same time I don't want to waste your time or mine, y'know?

(And is it possible to be glorious if you're noteably unattractive?)
Heh, you can totally watch the community as long as you like, but once you join you have to submit an application. It's not that we're really picky about particular books or music, we just like applicants who show some diversity and creativity in their interests. We don't want to see the cookie-cutter indie kid or something similar.

And being glorious is a state of mind.
There's a rule that says all posts must be friends-only, isn't there? That makes it a bit hard to lurk without joining -- albeit it doesn't seem to be a very strictly-enforced one from my last glance at the community. :p

Ahh, okay. So the fact that recently all I've been reading is Dean Koontz and the San Francisco Chronicle isn't going to kill me. Good, good. ;p

Hmm. Noted.

Good luck to me then. See you soon.
I've thought about applying.. poison tells me that the criticism is really harsh, though. But I might give it a go later this month :D Are you allowed to reapply later if you're rejected?