Henna Hokum (hennahokum) wrote in smart_users,
Henna Hokum

Perhaps Pertinent

I spend a lot of time trying to be classy; anything worth doing, ought to be done well. Last weekend, I was invited to a costume party, the theme of which was to dress as the mixed drink which you bring to said event. I was quite delighted, and constructed a moderately impressive green faerie outfit. I had saved a bottle of absinthe for such an occasion. The party was quite fine, thank you --except for the six or seven people who blasphemed along "Oh, like in that movie Eurotrip" lines.

I'm pretty sure those people aren't smart. I'm pretty sure the Eurotrip people raped my beautiful absinthe mystique and replaced it with some sort of stupid semi-comedic incestuous nonsense. I'm pretty sure I had the best costume there. I'm not sure whether I was being overly petty, or not. What do you think?
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