Tomorrow's a long time coming (fallen_eden) wrote in smart_users,
Tomorrow's a long time coming

From my journal.. kind of long, but I think it captures the whole idea of intelligent drug use..

I had a conversation with a "friend." I explained to this person that I had enjoyed the meth I tried, but that the shrooms just didn't do it for me. Then this person proceeded to mock me (because this somehow wasn't possible) and say that I was somehow stupid and didn't know what I was talking about. Hmm, I found this strange.

I explained, for instance, that using meth orally produces a longer, albeit less euphoric, trip. This person told me it wasn't true. Good god, do your research! "Gummers last only a few minutes.." (wtf?) We all know that this isn't true.. for ANY drug. Even Erowid will agree with me here.

I was then mocked for possessing such a low tolerance to my drugs of choice, the opiods. I'm very proud of my low tolerance. There's absolutely nothing beneficial in having a high tolerance (other than the fact that a stupid person might brag about it). I then explained that one should at least take less than 4g of acetaminophen (referring to vicodin), the daily maximum amount, or else one could suffer liver damage.

"well I've done more than the maximum amount of coke, and I was fine."

Um. Okay, I'll try to say this differently to you.. (after explaining what "that acetamohpes shit" was).. taking more tylenol over an extended period could KILL you. It's called LIVER FAILURE. You can't quite train your liver to metabolize more than it can metabolize.

It's the reason the rest of the world looks down on drugs. The users.. like my "friend".. have got it all wrong. They're retarded. They see glory in what I hate, being "hardcore," because it's somehow "cool." My safety ranks above what's "cool," and it always will. Why do people end up in the gutter with drugs? It's not the drugs.. I will prove this to everyone. It's they're own lack of control over what they're doing, a serious lack of knowledge in general about how drugs affect the mind and the body. The goal shouldn't be to do so much as to hopelessly fuck yourself over. The goal should be to gain something out of what you're doing. How can I gain anything if I'm babbling like an idiot, lost in the middle of nowhere because I can't tell the difference between left and right? How can I gain anything if I overdose and my breathing stops? The common ideology behind drugs is just all wrong here. Sure, they're fun. I acknoledge this. But they're also a powerful tool for self improvement, and that's something that nobody seems to understand.

What a concept. Intelligent drug use!
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